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Construction is likely to be one of the most dynamic industrial sectors in the next fifteen years and is utterly crucial to the evolution of prosperous societies around the world. The numbers within this report are huge and that translates as creating vast numbers of new jobs and creating significant wealth for certain countries across the globe.

Fernando A Gonzalez, CEO @ CEMEX

Global construction industry expected to increase by $4.8 Trillion by 2020’

Construction 2020 reports @ Global Construction Perspectives

In the next 20 or 30 years, we are going to spend more money on urbanization worldwide than we have spent in our entire history

Aris Papadopoulos, CEO @Titan America

Global construction industry will grow from $7.2 trillion to over $12 trillion by 2020. The global construction industry currently represents about 13% of global GDP and this number will increase to 15% in 2020. Countries poised to undergo the largest growth include China, India, Russia, Brazil, Poland and the US.Construction in developing or emerging markets is set to increase by 110% and infrastructure construction by 128% with China being the primary engine of growth accounting for 20% of this growth.

Construction Industry in India has seen stupendous growth in the recent years due to the increased investments in the infrastructure and the real estate boom. Construction is the second largest employer after the agricultural sector. Currently, the construction industry directly or indirectly employs approximately 33 million workers, representing 14% of the workforce. It also accounts for nearly half of the fixed capital formation.

Global demand for construction machinery is expected to rise 6.0 percent per year to $189 billion in 2017, accelerating from the 2007-2012 pace. This expansion will be fueled primarily by growth in the Asia/Pacific region.

Infrastructure Industry in India has been experiencing rapid growth in its different sectors with the development of urbanization and increasing involvement of foreign investments in this field. Infrastructure growth is visible throughout the country in the form of new highways, roads, ports, railways and airports, power plants, urban and rural infrastructure, including water supply, sewerage, and drainage, irrigation and agriculture systems.Infrastructure is one of the main spending areas in India’s 12th Five Year Plan with about $ 1 trillion earmarked for investment. Governments ‘Make in India projects will result in massive infrastructure development in India. This will directly result in the growth of construction machinery market. A rise in the use of concrete in infrastructure and housing projects will also create a demand for concrete equipment in India.

$349 billion estimated aggregate deal value of the 661 infrastructure deals completed globally in 2015.
$858 million average size of an unlisted infrastructure fund closed in 2015, a record high.

The chart showsthe predictions of growth of construction machinery market globally.

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