Industries of Interest E-commerce

Industries of Interest E-commerce

Industries of Interest E-commerce

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By 2022, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms.

Eddie Machaalani & Mitchell Harper Co-CEOs @ Bigcommerce

We will continue to see a convergence of the digital world.
Those who conquer that trend will be market leaders

John Phillips Senior VP @ Pepsico

People don't call it e-commerce anymore. It's called omni-commerce, and it's the idea that digital permeates every step of the purchase chain from product discovery to trial to pricing to actual purchase

Tolman Geffs Co-President @ JEGI group

If you are eyeing the future of your business, these statements will definitely showcase fair amount of idea how the future is being shaped with ecommerce.

Over the last decade, the Internet has changed the way people interact, share, connect, buy and sell goods and services. It's estimated that by 2018 there would be 3.6 Billion active internet users and this number may shoot up to 25 billion by the year 2025. With increasing internet user base worldwide, itís dominant that ecommerce or Omni-commerce will be the future of any business to interact, share, connect, buy and sell goods and services.


Global B2C eCommerce sales top 1.5 trillion in 2014


Global B2B eCommerce sales Estimated to reach 6.7 Trillion in 2020 double B2C eCommerce total sales.

Per Year

eCommerce growth averaging approximately 20% per year


Over 4 million worldwide eCommerce stores.


Hundreds of eCommerce platforms and solutions to choose from.

The chart speaks for the future of businesses be it B2B or B2C and we shall transform it to H2H human-to-human approach via our platforms.

Business Fuel as a divergent business firm will be investing in e-commerce or Omni-commerce with H2H Human-to-Human model and will have operational platform and services connecting B2B and B2C customers worldwide. Yet our focus does not change, all of these e-commerce efforts will be targeted towards the industries we are interested and focused for a long time to come by.

What are our Omni-channel brands that we currently operate?
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