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Our Team

Our Team

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Business Fuel is shaping up its strategy to capitalize on the next phase of the IOT and connected world. Thus, our amended strategy reflects the fast growing number of internet-connected devices, the changes in the ways people interaction and business is done amid the increasing digitization. Execution of the strategy will further speed up Business Fuel's transformation from a startup or budding company to a reputable diversified business across interest it aim's for.

Business Fuel Team

Ashish Choudhary
Ashish is a dynamic technology evangelist who has a multi-faceted outlook towards business applications of technology. He is a perfect example of what is a "business technology geek-biztech geek".

Ashish dabbles and delivers business applications and solutions using technologies, databases, frameworks, systems, across operating systems.

The Entrepreneurial bug bit him at a rather young age, so much so that he floated his technology solutions start-up while in college and then went on to float the business venture that is now Business Fuel.

When not tech-toing, Ashish is busy playing games (virtual), listening to music, watching movies and to get away from all the frenzy, takes off on long drives with his beloved DSLR and captures moments.

Surya Prakash
Surya is a visionary young entrepreneur who has the foresight and acumen to build and transform businesses. He is a brick and mortar, grounded man with business acumen par excellence.

As a young entrepreneur he transformed a construction and infrastructure company into a path of growth trajectory of exponential proportions. He is a techno-commercial whiz who believes in things that are real more than virtual. His hands-on and on-ground approach gives him the edge.

When he gets time out of all this busy-ness, Surya takes off in his SUVs on drives and dabbles with what he calls, soulful photography. He loves music and movies and is passionate about ÔÇťanything on wheels", (mostly 2 and 4)